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11 February 2007



Brian Fitzpatrick upon losing the seat in 2003

"Narrow win, big win, whatever, it is still a disappointment, but we are coming back for this seat."

It's really not easy to call it at all but it is welcome news as the more independents in Holyrood the better I would say. Also helps to add an extra talking point on May 3rd/4th.

Crucially, Stobhill isn't so much of an issue, not just in terms of policy-bashing against Labour but the Stobhill campaign paid 3,000 pounds to Jean for her canvassing etc. Without that cash, she may well struggle...

In saying that, this is the kind of constituency (my home one incidentally) where they can keep a sitting MSP in for ages. Sam Galbraith being one such example.

Crucial difference of course, Sam was Labour. Hmmm...

Ok, I'm now just gibbering so I'll stop.

Grant Thoms

Catch tomorrow's (Wed) Scotsman/ICM poll results - the SNP storming ahead of Labour by 5% in the constituency vote alone. Where's Jack now?

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