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08 February 2007


Will P

Good stuff... my first reaction on hearing that Duncan Thorp was standing as an Independent was "Who's Duncan Thorp?"

What's your take on Mev Brown standing in the Lothians for NHSFirst? Apart from his willingness to leave/join/create parties to get his name on the ballot paper making him notable, he looks like he'll have the same trouble as Thorp. Thoughts?

Duncan Thorp


The whole point of my campaign is that I'm fighting against arrogant politicians. I don't think anyone who knows me would use that label. I don't understand why choosing not to hide behind a political party logo would be considered egotistical. I also have no backing from anyone, financial or otherwise.

The campaign is obviously not to advance my career. I'm under no illusions about my chances in May. What I don't understand is why some people think that you only stand for election to win - I'm taking a principled stand for what I believe in - unlike the majority of career politicians who want power at any price. At the very least my ideas will be more widespread.

There is certainly more to my campaign than being anti-party (see: www.votethorp.com). When you say "This simply won't catch on with the public" then you clearly haven't seen my email inbox. Of the many emails received the vast majority have been supportive and from ordinary people - the negative emails have been from anonymous political junkies and party activists.

I haven't fallen out with any particular political machine at all, I've made that quite clear, and I still have great respect for many people I used to work with in parliament.

I believe in standing up and being counted, not hiding behind a political party, or moaning about politicians in an anonymous way so as not to be attacked. Personality? You seem like you know me but clearly you've never met me :-)

The point is that when the polls close in May the people of Scotland will once again be left with tired, old political parties in power and the hopes of people outside of the silly Holyrood village will be left out in the cold yet again as the tribal bickering begins. I think people deserve better. A minority now vote. Few people care about this election. People out there in the real world don't want the politics we have now. We're burying our heads in the sand if we think this is just a small problem, in fact it's a political crisis.

Grant Thoms

Duncan, if you are not standing to win, why are you standing? Do you need to stand for parliament to have a voice? I'm intrigued. I take it that if you were elected you wouldn't mind, which kind of suggests that you would like to win even if you don't think you stand much chance.

Deacon Barry

Duncan, full marks for responding quickly to this post. Engagement with the netroots is good. If you can win over the bloggers, you might have a chance. You need to get your profile much higher before the run-in to the election.

Duncan Thorp

Thank you for these most recent comments.

Yes I believe that I do need to stand for parliament to have a voice. There are very few other opportunities to be heard. I would be interested to know of any better political platforms than a public election? The media denies a voice to ordinary people at the best of times. Of course my aim is to win and I'm working hard to achieve that aim - but I'm a realist. At the very least my ideas will be better publicised and I will build up support for next time.

I do believe that the Internet and these types of forums are the best ways to bypass the conservative, mainstream media and spread the campaign message. There are unlimited opportunities here.

I have many things planned for the election but would certainly welcome suggestions for improving the profile of the campaign. Please also let me know of any email addresses I can add to the campaign email list.

Best wishes, Duncan.


Very impressed Duncan. I like the cut of your gib young man. (I know you're 29 and I'm only 26 but I can't write "cut of your gib" without following it up with "young man")

Anyway, I do have one suggestion.

After reading your refreshingly reasonable response to what I thought was a fairly harsh post by SPN on you, I rushed to your website in the hope of finding out more about this seemingly softly spoken champion of the independent thinker. I was slightly disappointed that it hasn't been updated since Dec.

I think any potential supporters/voters (and I include myself in that throng) would be more likely to vote for you if your website didn't look like you had a spur of the moment idea one day and then didn't follow it up.

I do not doubt you are serious and are constantly busy with your campaign. Sadly, your website suggests otherwise.

I'd be delighted if you were to add my email address to your list - [email protected] and I am planning on "bigging you up" on my own blog soon. Probably today if I get bored at work this afternoon.

Cheers, and I look forward to some email updates on what you are up to.

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