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09 January 2007


Y is a vowel

oddly, this is good news for the tories who faced a weekend of predictions they would be down to 15 msp's. am i right in noting that - with exception of the fuel protests - the scottish conservatives have never polled above 14%. a sign that their vote is rising and holding..?

Scottish Political News

Sorry Y is a vowel I think not. For a long time now the Tories have been between 13% and 15% and even on one occassion (Mori Sep 05) up to 16% on the first vote. On the 2nd vote the Tories have got as high as 17%, but only once.

I can't read this as the Tory vote rising. They still haven't even reached the giddy hights of 18% which is what they polled when they were ousted in 1997.

It is a shocking state of affairs that despite a despised labour government in Westminster and one that is seen as ineffective in Holyrood that the Tories are completel failing to gain any decent kind of leap.

What is interesting in this poll (other than the obvious) is the drop in support for the Lib Dems, however managing to maintain their number of MSPs.

Grant Thoms

These are more fascinating polling results. Just watched the analysis of John Curtice, Iain McWhirter and Tom Gordon on Newsnight Scotland and this is the first time I have heard this group give such strong credence to the SNP standing so late in the electoral period, and muttering about Labour discontent with Jack McConnell, the leader which is going to lose them the Scottish Executive
(see: http://news.bbc.co.uk/nolavconsole/ukfs_news/hi/bb_rm_fs.stm?nbram=1&bbram=1&nbwm=1&bbwm=1&news=1)

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