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29 December 2006


Holyrood Watcher

Interesting post.

Perhaps Scottish politics gets the bloggers it deserves?

Anyone who regularly watches the tedium of Holyrood question time, as I do (I know, I should get a life), or even worse the debates and the vast majority of Committee meetings, will realise that our politicians are not exactly first-rate. Yet few of them perceive the need to raise their game, not least because the vice-like grip of centralist party hierarchies ensures the maintenance of the status quo. So the electorate is faced with the choice of a red numpty or a tartan numpty or a blue numpty.

The MSM get bored with it and so do bloggers. Which may be one of the reasons why so many of us start up and then fade away so quickly.

Apologies if this is a contribution to the despair, but some of us will continue to flog the dying horse, even if we do not secure the fame and comments of Guido or Iain Dale (or even Mr E!).

Best wishes to you and all your readers for the New Year.

Colin Campbell

Blogs seem to survive on outrageous statements, policies and rumour gossip scandal. Obviously there is not enough of this. I mean you don't write too much about Scottish issues in your blog Mr Eugenides. Obviously not enough to yank your chain. Perhaps it is easier to slag Tony and his mates than to enter into the Local Council Mentality of the Scottish Parliament.

Mr Eugenides

Oh, I'm absolutely guilty as charged. I don't write a lot about Scottish politics at all.

None of this should be read as a critique of Scottish bloggers, because that would be grotesquely hypocritical. And it's worth noting that plenty of Scottish bloggers *do* write a lot about Scottish politics, so my generalisation is just that.

My main point is that Scottish blogs seem not to have shown up on the radar of the ordinary politically-active person in quite the same way as they have in England and certainly not the US. As I've stated, that's not primarily an issue of quality, but perhaps it does have to do with the focus of some Scottish blogs.

Donny B

Scotland can hardly produce a sporting champion where there is at least a little backup to facilitate. How can you expect world class political bloggers when the Scottish politicians themselves ie those that get get the levers AND heaps of money are non- entities and time serving party hacks.
Any aspiring Scotblogger out there would serve the nation and themselves better by getting involved for real rather than just commenting or to continue the sports analogy ,spectating.

Grant Thoms

What's with all this wailing and gnashing of teeth? Who cares if there isn't a McGuido Fawkes - the Westminster gossip isn't that exciting either. It will take a Holyrood insider to create a blog dedicated to Holyrood gossip and probablty someone who doesn't mind dishing the dirt on his or her own party.
More likely, Scottish blogging is in its infancy but it has the potential to catch on and maybe get past the political chattering class to reach out to ordinary voters. But then again pigs might fly and this will remain a wee elitist thing to do.

Y is a vowel

colin rightly pointed out that many blogs survive on rumour gossip scandal and so on as that's generally what blogs are - online speaker's corners. this said, westminister is fertile hunting ground for this. holyrood just doesn't compete.

the scottish tories have tried hard with mcletchie, monteith and mars goodman all providing a dash of humour. labour relay on mcconnell letting his kids get pished in bute house or by giving his nephew an asbo. but the scottish liberals are so boring whilst the nats are far more cohesive and together than in previous election campaigns.

maybe this year's election will give us something to talk about.

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