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30 November 2006



If I could write like that when I was drunk...

Spot on Mr E and sums up my feelings perfectly.

Holyrood Watcher

Good stuff!

Anon A Moss

Good piece, a few points are worth making:

When in opposition during the 1979 – 1997 era Labour always liked to portray itself as a party defending the Scottish people against Tory harshness. As early as the 1983 election the Scottish Labour party began to play a dangerous game called Nationalism.

The Tories, they said, hath no mandate, they are a minority party in Scotland, we are a colony (and other such shite), and so through their own moronic stupidity Labour carelessly subverted the Union. It played the nationalist card in an attempt to embarrass the Tories and steal the SNP's ground. It succeeded in the first aim but not in the second. Indeed Labour has largelky done the SNP’s job for it, if Salmond gets the keys to St Andrews house he should write thank you letters to the Scottish Labour Party.

The more Labour presented Scotland as a victim of Thatcherite aggression, the more it stoked the fires of nationalism. Labour – as good socialists do - pandered to Scottish self-pity, and did not pause to consider that in doing so it was endangering its own position. They were even so thick as take the support of the SNP in the referendum on devolution!

And now? Well with an election next May and the polls indicate the SNP becoming the biggest party what is Labours response? It sends up its London based attack dog to start ranting apocalyptically about how families will be separated, the economy will be ruined and Scotland would endure a thousand years of darkness. It was not only idiotic and contemptuous of Scots voters, it was simply way too late.

The SNP don’t deserve victory, but Labour certainly deserve defeat.


Interesting and a good post on the current situation.

I think the most accute problem within the lack of debate is the poor quality of arguments from the pro-unionists. As an example, Tim Luckhurst's article in this weekend's Sunday Times was negatively relentless in what would happen to Scotland if it broke away from the union.

We should be stressing the benefits and the strengths of the union, the proud history and common traits that both great country's share. Negative rhetoric and jingoism switch people off. This could prove fatal in a referendum given the activism of the Nats.

As for Michael Fry he is nothing but trouble and his (supposed) Tory credentials are highly questionable. He is of the same stable as Brian Monteith, a total waste of space and their association is bad for the party, although granted not the biggest trouble at present.

David B. Wildgoose

The Campaign for an English Parliament has invited MPs from all parties to a conference entitled "W(h)ither the Union?" in the House of Commons on May 8th next year.

In other words, some of us are trying to start this discussion despite the fingers-in-the-ears "I can't hear you" approach of the so-called leadership of the big 3 parties.

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