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15 October 2006



First of all the Cardinal isn't Scottish, he isn't even English, he's Irish.
Secondly, for a group of people who have been so egregiously wrong on adoption, section 28, paedophile priests and views on Islam, I don't really think this is an endorsement anyone would want!


How's he trying to push his views on anyone? He just answered a few personal questions in an interview.

And to Tartan Tam, he might have been born in Ireland, but he lives in Scotland and has as much right to an opinion about our future as anyone else.

Davie Hutchison

I`m not sure you could say the Cardinel was forcing his views on anyone. He was asked a question by a journalists and answered it honestly. As a public figure its to be expected he`ll be asked questions of this nature from time to time. Or have we to start chastising the Archbishop of Cantebury for speaking out about the Iraq war too?

tartan tam

The concern is over the blind loyalty much of the Catholic congregation feel towards their clergy. The ability of the catholic church to influence and 'guide' opinion of their followers can be quite dangerous....particuarly when they base their views on a biggoted, intraverted and illiberal viewpoint

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